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-a smart sanitary napkin that focuses on your health!-

Vanessa, smart sanitary napkin with far infrared rays (Far-IR) generating Anion strip is truly a technological breakthrough in sanitary napkin. Apart from being a convenient feminine hygiene solution during periods, it is also very effective in preventing various undesirable gynaecological conditions in women.


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Health Warning

Have you ever reflected on how well padded you are? Have you ever really thought about your sanitary napkin options?
Here are some facts which would shock you!

1. The ordinary sanitary napkins contain cellulose gel and not cotton which might cause a lot of infection. Reports also state that this gel in napkins can cause cervical cancer – which is a common problems among women.

2. The other side effects of ordinary sanitary napkins is that if worn for more than three hours it can cause lumps on the vaginal area which might lead to irritation and other infections.

3. You should know that sanitary napkins contain two types of chemicals like Dioxin and Rayon, which are equally dangerous for a woman. The napkins are bleached with these chemicals to make them look pure and clean but the most harmful side effect of sanitary napkins / tampons is that this bleaching agent is toxic to the immune and reproductive system. Dioxin is also linked to endometriosis and cancer.

Be a smart woman!

As a smart woman, you deserve the very best ! It’s time that you put away the archaic female hygiene products that you grew up with! Vanessa smart sanitary napkins offer freedom from 5 period related problems and will make you love your periods! Vanessa wants you to remember that periods are a blessing and not a curse. Periods create the miracle of child bearing and is something that connects us all uniquely as women! Be proud to be a woman! And be smart woman too! Do something good for yourself and chose a smart sanitary napkin that will not harm your body.

Make a smart choice today,
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